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The highest quality Singing Bowls for personal and professional use. Singing Bowl Shaman is the only place you will find Singing Bowls that are specifically calibrated for purity, vibration, sound and healing capabilities … LEARN MORE ›››

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Developed over the last 25 years and proven to make lasting and miraculous improvements to any challenge in your life. Distance Sound Healing Sessions with Angela use Sound, Music, Frequency, Vibration, Resonance and Energy to … LEARN MORE ›››

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The seasonal Singing Bowl Blessing – Ceremonial Healing is performed on the Summer, Solstice, the Winter Solstice, the Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox via Distance Healing. The Blessing, Singing Bowl Healing Ceremony lasts … LEARN MORE ›››

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Learn The SECRET To Healing Mind, Spirit, And Body With The Singing Bowl Shaman Training. Use Sound, Energy, Vibration, Reiki, Spirit (And Much More) To Heal Yourself, Others, And The World … LEARN MORE ›››

  • "I have been so honored to have done many years of Blessings now. It has been a remarkable process that has accelerated me forward on my Path very gracefully! Angela easily steers us all through the energies present and the challenges we have set in our Creation Statements giving us Divinely inspired information that has been extremely helpful! I can't imagine my life without these awesome adventures! It takes me to a space above some of the chaotic energies that many are feeling worldwide. I thank you so much!"–Singing Bowl Blessing Member, Denver, CO

  • "I've done Singing Bowl Sessions with Angela for about two years.  From day one I noticed subtle muscles release shortly after the Session.  On occasion I have experienced dramatic responses.  Always Angela is very respectful, supportive and non-judgmental. Over time I've come to respect her keen ability to read the energies during a Session whereby she was able to share with me things about myself that she could not have otherwise known.  It's been a source of great personal insight for me and I am grateful.  Thanks, Angela."–Distance Session Client, Springfield, IL

  • “Angela you amazed me with how well you put together the insight and information you have. Every class I have taken from you accelerates me to a whole new level in my personal development.  OMG I can’t wait for your Membership sites!!!”–Renee H., Asheville, NC

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