I really come from humble beginnings … Illinois farm girl,
divorced parents, good family … the usual stuff.

When I was small I spent a fair amount of time alone because my first brother wasn’t born until I was 5. I remember wondering through the woods and corn fields by myself, and yet I never felt alone.

It was about this time that I began to realize that I could see, hear, feel and know things that other people were completely unaware of. To me it was as natural as breathing. I wondered … why wasn’t everyone experiencing this seemingly unknown world that was right there in front of them?

Well, to tell you a little of my story …

… I now have the education and experience to see that my path was one of preparation for this very time in my life. I have had much to learn to be able to speak about what I know now.

I had, by early adulthood, accepted and expanded …

… many of my natural abilities. None the less I was not to be prepared for what happened to me right after my second child was born.

I imagine that my delicate health from having undergone an emergency C-Section had me in an ideal state not to resist what was about to happen. (I have never talked about this in this detailed manner before.)  I was also about to complete a very intense term of spiritual study in which I had really pushed myself.

I should back track a bit here …

… Let me explain that although I had a very happy life and I was working in my chosen profession of the healing/intuitive arts, I had yet to know why I continued searching. I was searching for some type of peace that I knew I would know, when I felt it.

Actually, on some level up to this point in my story, I was not even aware that I was searching. After having children, I had reached a place in life where I felt like I knew why I was born … to be with those children. So on a momentous day after the birth of my second child, my whole world changed.

I was quite unaware that it was even possible to have a more profound experience than I had already had in my life.

Timing truly is everything …

… there I was lying flat on my back in the middle of a group of people with my new born child cuddled in her seat next to me and my life would never be the same. A friend of one of the people present had brought with him some Singing Bowls.

I was chosen to be in the middle of the circle for the brief sound demonstration (it lasted about 5 minutes). As the man began to play the Bowls, I immediately responded. From outward appearances it seemed like a nice relaxing moment for me.

Inwardly, my whole life clicked into place.

I entered into the realm of “no time” and put myself right to work healing my body physically, from my operation (C-Section birth), viewing my continuum of experience … from my spirit perspective, talking with my baby (she reminded me of some of our agreements), accessed holographic realities I had created … knowingly and unknowingly.

I reclaimed aspects of myself, for furthering my wholeness, by traveling forward and backwards on my timeline. You get the picture … right.

Needless to say I was a bit speechless.

I had the most profound sense of “Home”! It is hard to describe but I knew I was right where I was meant to be. From that moment on, I was catapulted completely into my mission. I moved much more fully into working with vibration, healing, sound, ancient wisdom, frequency and the Singing Bowls.

Everything that I had done previously fell into place. The feeling of not knowing why I had done certain things … studies, travels, experiences … left me. I knew exactly what to do and when to do it and why the heck I knew it in the first place. Knowledge came flooding back to me from a very ancient place within myself.


  • “I have been so honored to have done many years of Blessings now. It has been a remarkable process that has accelerated me forward on my Path very gracefully! Angela easily steers us all through the energies present and the challenges we have set in our Creation Statements giving us Divinely inspired information that has been extremely helpful! I can’t imagine my life without these awesome adventures! It takes me to a space above some of the chaotic energies that many are feeling worldwide. I thank you so much!”–Singing Bowl Blessing Member, Denver, CO

  • “I’ve done Singing Bowl Sessions with Angela for about two years.  From day one I noticed subtle muscles release shortly after the Session.  On occasion I have experienced dramatic responses.  Always Angela is very respectful, supportive and non-judgmental. Over time I’ve come to respect her keen ability to read the energies during a Session whereby she was able to share with me things about myself that she could not have otherwise known.  It’s been a source of great personal insight for me and I am grateful.  Thanks, Angela.”–Distance Session Client, Springfield, IL

  • “Angela you amazed me with how well you put together the insight and information you have. Every class I have taken from you accelerates me to a whole new level in my personal development.  OMG I can’t wait for your Membership sites!!!”–Renee H., Asheville, NC

Now present day …

I have developed a very successful practice taking my clients, into the places, that I originally took myself. I have learned how to facilitate recognition, of an individuals truth, and what to do with it.

This brings me squarely to my work with the next generation of Singing Bowls – “The Blessing Bowls”.  I have discovered a very unique way of utilizing sound, frequency and vibration for Healing and Distance Healing.

I feel so fortunate to be able to recognize the codes of “life force” stored within these sacred objects, I call them the “The Blessing Bowls”.  I have fine tuned the ability to bring these codes into a form that we can put into direct daily use in our lives. Your DNA responds to these codes with sparks of activation and an alignment of your highest truth in your physical life. This means you get to be that truest form of yourself possible, in the now.

The Singing Bowls and the Blessing Bowls have become invaluable to me in my healing treatments.

Singing Bowls Master Teacher / Healer