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Distance Healing Soung Healing Sessions with Angela Vaughan-Clark

Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions with Angela

I have provided complete insight into how Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions work with me in the video below.  – Angela




Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions

Who should do Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions?

• If you want the most powerful and easy way to create positive change in your life

• If you want to know for certain you are on the right track in life

• If you want more satisfaction out of life

• If you believe that you have untapped potentials and gifts

• If you know there is more to life than meets the eye

• If you need healing physically, mentally or emotionally

• If you want to develop your intuition, or other ESP senses



Distance Healing Sound Healing Is For You!

Distance Healing Sound Healing is very powerful natural energy that allows you to see healing results on a very tangible level, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

For Example:

• Improve Your Confidence
• Mend Your Broken Heart
• Develop Mental Clarity
• Make Sound Decisions
• Find the Answers You Seek
• Balance Your Emotions
• Be More Stable
• Heal Your Body On Any Number of Levels
• Create Prosperity and Abundant Finances
• Find That Great Career or Job
• Meet Your True Love
• Be Happier in Your Current Relationships
• Change Your Body
• Eliminate Stress or Anxiety
• Sleep Better
• Empower Yourself
• Fulfill Life’s Purpose
• Success in Business
• Bring Out Psychic Abilities
• Be Creative and Inspired
• Clear Toxins
• etc.


  • I’ve done Singing Bowl Sessions with Angela for about two years.  From day one I noticed subtle muscles release shortly after the Session.  On occasion I have experienced dramatic responses.  Always Angela is very respectful, supportive and non-judgmental. Over time I’ve come to respect her keen ability to read the energies during a Session whereby she was able to share with me things about myself that she could not have otherwise known.  It’s been a source of great personal insight for me and I am grateful.  Thanks, Angela.Distance Session Client, Springfield, IL

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HOW Distance Healing Sound Healing WORKS

Distance Healing Sound Healing Energy finds you no matter where you are on the planet. It is a proven way to heal your present, past, or future. Heal yourself without the boundaries of time and space or human limitations. There is no way to interfere with the positive healing affects of Distance Sound Healing.

Your Life Purpose …

Every individual has a true calling and mission that only they can fulfill. There is something that only YOU can bring to the world. You have a unique and important puzzle piece that adds to the full picture of life on earth. Your puzzle piece is different than mine and everyone else on the planet … only you can find unlimited success with your unique puzzle piece.

So you can see why it is important for you to live your life to the fullest and walk the path of your purpose!

Your Energy …

Each person is meant to vibrate at a specific rate of vibratory frequency for optimal well being and reaching full potential. When you harmonize to this rate of vibration, you bring harmony into your life. This harmony allows you to manifest Vital Health and Success on every level … bringing you peace, energy and prosperity. You literally clear away the distortion of life making more room for who you are beyond blocks, programming, limits, insecurities, confusion, etc.

Source of All Life Force …

Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions connect you to your unending source energy. This is the part of you that knows all and sees the big picture of why things happen the way they happen. Your Source self knows exactly what you need to fulfill your hearts desires even if your daily conscious mind does not. You tap into love, power and wisdom that is truly who you are in your “All Knowing State”. You become inspired and guided to make the right decisions, manifest what you need, create better outcomes in life than you ever thought possible. You end up being at the right place, at the right time … all of the time. You become in sync with your full joy and potential.

Science and Distance Healing …

Science and Distance Healing Energy go hand in hand. It is proven that everything is energy and science is beginning to prove the effectiveness of distance healing. Many prominent Scientists like Dr. Elizabeth Targ and the Mind/Body Medical Institute in Chestnut Hill, Mass., Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina and the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco are all finding remarkable results in their studies.

Distance Healing with Sound Healing is really very simple and proven to work. Every culture uses some form of Distance Healing or Sound Healing. Most people have heard of “prayer”, “chanting” or “meditation”.  These common practices could be considered forms of Distance Healing.

Your Power and Wisdom …

Healing via Distance Healing Sound Healing can encompass a vast number of healing modalities. Modalities that have their roots in ancient wisdom and modern medical advances. In fact there is no limit to the healing energy you have access to during your Distance Sound Healing Sessions. You have it all available to you and your inherent source wisdom knows exactly what you require.

For Example:

• Kabbalah
• Theta Healing
• Sacral Cranial Alignments
• Divine Blueprint Activation
• Reiki
• Shamanism
• Quantum Energy
• Holographic Reality
• Source Healing
• Crystal Energy
• Gemstone Healing
• Vibrational Medicine
• Frequency Healing
• Angelic Healing
• Pranic Energy
• Spiritual Healing
• Music Therapy
• Brainwave Entrainment
• Qigong Energy Healing
• Psychic Healing
• Prayer
• Meditation


  • Angela you amazed me with how well you put together the insight and information you have. Every class I have taken from you accelerates me to a whole new level in my personal development.–Renee H., Asheville, NC

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GETTING STARTED … Your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions.

Below you will find a point-by-point overview of how to get your Distance Healing Sound Healing Session started.

1. We communicate about any issues, concerns or questions you may have.

2. We set a time for the actual Energy Distance Healing Sound Healing Transmission. This actually usually starts before the set time.

3. You get comfortable either by setting aside quiet time or you can go about your usual daily routine. It is recommended, however, for the first few times you do a Distance Sound Healing Session that you stop normal activities and focus on the sacred time of your Distance Healing Sound Healing Session.

4. I record the Sound Healing Music with a voice over as you receive the Distance Healing transmission.  You will have a play-by-play account of what was happening during this portion of your healing Session on the recording.

5. I preform the Journeying and connecting portion of your Session. This is done in silence and is to provide you a more tangible experience of yourself in your “All Knowing State” after the healing Session is complete.

6. I record for you a Summary or reading of what happened during your Distance Healing Sound Healing Session. Sometimes this is done while we talk on the phone if you are available.

7. You receive your MP3 recordings via email, of your Distance Healing Sound Healing Session.

8. You contact me with any questions or comments at any time.


  • I am always available to you after your Distance Sound Healing Sessions are complete, and the MP3 audios are sent.  You will be able to contact me via email or phone.  My clients are very important to me and I make sure that you are taken care of.–Angela

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Recommendations BEFORE Your Distance Healing Sound Healing Session.

Think about any specific questions or reasons you may have for doing your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions.

For Instance:

• Finding a Partner
• Getting a New Job or Advancing in Your Career
• Correct Emotional or Mental Imbalances
• Improving Relationships
• Creative Projects
• Remove Blocks
• Gain Inspiration and/or Confidence
• Health Problems
• Chronic or Temporary Illness
• Remove Negative Energy
• Selling Homes or Businesses
• Problems with Land or Events
• Improve Prosperity
• Pet Issues
• Children

… really the list goes on and on.

• Remember that you do not have to know or be able to put into words the reason for your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions. It is common to simply “know” or be called to do this.

• Understand that you may or may not be aware of the Distance Healing Sound Healing Transmission of Healing Energy. You might feel tingles, or sensations. You might fall asleep or become energetic. You might see colors or hear sounds. You might tune into a very expansive state of awareness or have an active internal chatter. You may simply zone out and not be aware of time.

Really it is hard to say what your personal experience might be. Everyone is aware of this powerful Distance Healing Sound Healing energy in their own way. Keep in mind that it is perfectly natural to not feel anything as well. The Distance Healing Sound Healing energy is still doing its job no matter what.

• Be aware that you are entering into what I call the “Time / Space” continuum. You will be transcending the limitations of time and distance during your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions. This is different for everyone. Do not be surprised if you experience this in some way. The Distance Healing Sound Healing is bringing any energy stuck in the past or projected into the future back into your “NOW”. Even the energy of your simultaneous realities is brought into the “NOW”. This is where you want the energy for maximum healing.

• You may encounter past life energy or your angels, ancestors, people who have passed over, your guides, or power animals, etc., during your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions. You may be aware of this or I will tell you about it in the Summary.

• If your mind goes down a specific path just go with your experience and do not worry about needing to remember anything. Trust yourself!


  • I have known Angela for several years now and have participated in Singing Bowl therapy Sessions in person and remotely. She is a very authentic person. She has inspired talent that surpasses anyone that I have met who does healing energy work. You can only truly know the gifts she brings by experiencing it in person.

    When I first met Angela, I had no idea what to expect. I came to trust her talent and gifts due to the safety that she provides and the loving compassion that she has for those she meets. No hype. I have never given a testimonial before because I haven’t found anyone before Angela that warrants this kind of testimonial. Her gifts and talents are real. If you don’t want to receive services from Angela, that is fine, but if you do you won’t be disappointed.

    Mary K., Springfield, IL

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Recommendations AFTER Your Distance Healing Sound Healing Session …

Here’s a list of my personal recommendation to assist you after your Distance Healing Sound Healing Session with me …

• The energy still continues to deliver to you powerful healing for up to 24 hours after your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions.

• Do not make major decisions during this 24 hour window as you may be thinking and feeling, or having physical sensations related to past, future or simultaneous information which may not be accurate in the “NOW”.

• It is crucial to be the Observer of your life for that 24 hour window after your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions. Do not judge your experience as being right or wrong. Take a break from needing to figure things out simply observe. The Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions has a master intelligence all its own.

• Drink a lot of water as you have just vibrated and adjusted the frequency of every cell in your body via your Distance Healing and Sound Healing.

• Maintain the sacred space that you have created by honoring yourself. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Do what you would like to do … rest, dance, run, sing, hideout, read, sunbathe, etc. Put yourself first after your Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions.

• Stay alert to the recognition of your own personal power and healing changes. The healing already “IS” … you will tune into it and become aware.

• Please Note that Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions have a cumulative affect and each time you have a Distance Healing Sound Healing Session it may be different.


  • These are my personal recommendations … you may be guided to do other things that will assist you in your transformational process.  Just be open and follow your heart.–Angela

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Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions … In SUMMARY

Here’s a quick break down of the benefits of doing a Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions with me …

1. Natural and effective way to reach your full potential and radiant health.

2. You are in charge of the healing energy from your “All Knowing Source State”. You know exactly what you need.

3. Your Sessions transcend time and space and reaches you wherever you may be, beyond limits of physical distance.

4. Raises your frequency to vibrate at your optimal level of well being and full potential.

5. Uses the Power of Sound, Crystals, Vibratory Medicine, Quantum Energy, Frequency Healing to deliver healing energy via Singing Bowls, Singing Crystal Pyramids, Drums and Voice.

6. You Access ALL healing traditions, modalities, techniques that you require for your healing.

7. Has a Cumulative Effect, Each Time you do a Distance Healing Sound Healing Session you receive more benefit.


  • I have been facilitating healing energy for People, Places, Pets and Things for over 25 years.  I bring to you a proven, and highly developed, Mastery of Sound Distance Healing Sound Healing Energy that will profoundly propel you along your journey into wholeness.

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Distance Healing Sound Healing Session … DEMO Audios

Developed over the last 25 years and proven to make lasting and miraculous improvements to any challenge in your life. Distance Sound Healing Sessions with Angela use Sound, Music, Frequency, Vibration, Resonance and Energy to transcend the limitations of distance and time to deliver to you the most powerful healing energy available on the planet today.

Distance Healing Sound Healing Sessions



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