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Archangel Michael Violet Flame Activation … Guided Meditation

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This Archangel Michael Violet Flame Guided Meditation is in preparation for the upcoming Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Blessing 2016 and the Solstice in general. This Winter Solstice will be a delicate time of deep awakening. It will be an important time to maintain your personal energy field with integrity and strength.

Many changes are coming to the world and we are being called to set the pace and stay the course … absorbing as much of the *Energy of Source Light* as we can, into our daily lives. In order to do this, it is key to open your heart safely, and transmute any misused energy from your souls continuum.

Violet Flame & Archangel Michael …

The Violet Flame has the ability to deflect any outside influences that might try to knock you off your path. Unloving energy influences, that in any way may impact the Source Light within you … have the potential to be dissolved. You can be mentally, emotionally and physically purified by the Violet Flame. You can be cleaning up any Karmic debris that you might have.

Archangel Michael is the great protector and he will be assisting you, with balancing the mighty power of the Violet Flame. He will be helping you to activate this force in your life. Archangel Michael will especially be igniting the Violet Flame within you to increase the radiant activation of your personal *Vehicle of Light*.

Blessing …

During the Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Blessing 21 day remote healing ceremony, we will be working closely with Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame.  Archangel Michael’s, Violet Flame Activation, Guided Meditation will prepare you to enter into the sacred realm of the Winter Solstice and Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Blessing.

Heres’ your Archangel Michael Violet Flame Meditation audio

Contact Me if you have any questions.

I offer gratitude to Archangel Michael and to you … Blessings!


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Singing Bowls Master Teacher and internationally known Practitioner and Distance Sound Healer. Founder of the Singing Bowl Institute, creator of the Singing Bowl Blessing and the Blessing Bowls – busy in service to everyone who is called. Angela has a love for bringing the experience of sound, vibration and harmony to the planet. She is an adventurer with a kin ship to the natural energies of the place she lands. Angela dreams life to be full of magic and wonder!
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