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Distance Healing for the Solstice

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Distance Healing for the Solstice

Distance Healing and the Solstices are a most powerful combination for healing and transformation. The healing power of nature can come through the distance healing circuit during the Winter and Summer Solstices more easily than at other times of the year. The Singing Bowl Blessing Ceremony takes full advantage of this timely and powerful healing opportunity, by combining healing via distance and the wisdom of the solstice.

The natural healing balance of the Solstice energy is delivered to you via distance healing during the Singing Bowl Blessing Solstice Ceremony.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing has been proven to be a very effective way to treat imbalances of the mind, body and spirit. Discomfort, confusion, illness, creative block, past life trauma, prosperity issues, pain, self worth problems are all examples of the type of human concerns that Distance Healing can address. Matters of the spirit and finding your gifts or purpose in life are also key matters that Distance Healing can have effective results treating.

Distance Healing Modalities, Techniques and Traditions

Many healing modalities, techniques, and traditions such as Singing Bowl Healing, Reiki, Shamanism, Prayer, Kabalistic Healing, Angelic Healing, Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Vibratory Frequency Healing can be delivered to you via distance. The effectiveness and safety of these kinds of Distance Healing modalities can vary significantly.

Key to safe Distance Healing …

The key to safe and effective Distance Healing is linking into your pure source essence to guide the healing. Simply using a healing technique or modality for Distance Healing does not ensure results or safety. However tapping into the absolute pure energy of nature at the Solstice time of balance, gives you a tried and true healing energy. Also it is crucial to use a safe and effective channel or method of delivery which can make Distance Healing very effortless and profoundly healing.

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Solstice Power in Distance Healing

The Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice are the most balanced times of the year. The day and the night find equality and harmony. Nature takes a pause to bring clarity and renewal to the cycle of life. You are a mirror of this natural energy. You have the ability to do exactly the same in your life. You can live in harmony, balance your mind, body and spirit. You can renew your purpose for living. By accurately tapping into this solstice energy, you have reconnected to core of your natural wholeness. You can easily do this via Distance Healing.

Singing Bowl Blessing and Distance Healing

The Singing Bowl Blessing is a sacred healing ceremony that transcends any limitations of location and time frames . The Singing Bowl Blessing is the perfect way to receive clear, pure and safe Solstice Distance Healing Energy in the comfort of your own environment. The Singing Bowl Blessing Distance Healing Ceremony is scientifically proven when you consider that all things are energy. It is the vibratory rate of the energy that determines the form that energy takes. A chair vibrates at a very different rate than a thought or an emotion. Illness vibrates at a different rate than vital health. Every Singing Bowl used in the Singing Bowl Blessing is specifically designed for unique and powerful healing qualities. The Singing Bowl Energy adjusts your vibratory rate to optimal potential and well being. The Singing Bowl Blessing has direct and lasting healing benefits and the added benefit and ease of delivery via Distance Healing.

Singing Bowl Blessing and the Solstice

The Singing Bowls used in the Singing Bowl Blessing are harmonized to source energy and each Singing Bowl is synchronized to harness the power of the Winter Solstice or Summer Solstice safely. Each Blessing Singing Bowl delivers pure healing energy to you from a distance and directly from the wisdom of nature and your source power. The ancient wisdom and advanced healing energy of the Singing Bowl Blessing combines with the Solstice power. This Singing Bowl Blessing Energy has been proven to be the most powerful and effective way to transmit healing energy through time and space for positive healing outcomes.

Singing Bowl Blessing Distance Healing Solstice Ceremony is in its 8th year as of this writing. Please CLICK HERE for your free gift and to learn more.


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Singing Bowls Master Teacher and internationally known Practitioner and Distance Sound Healer. Founder of the Singing Bowl Institute, creator of the Singing Bowl Blessing and the Blessing Bowls – busy in service to everyone who is called. Angela has a love for bringing the experience of sound, vibration and harmony to the planet. She is an adventurer with a kin ship to the natural energies of the place she lands. Angela dreams life to be full of magic and wonder!
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