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Winter Solstice … Preparing for Warp Speed

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Singing Bowl Winter Solstice .. Preparing for Warp Speed

Hi and Happy Holiday Season … I am so grateful for you!

Maybe I have been watching too much Star Trek … but it occurred to me the other day that we are getting ready to make the leap into warp speed.

Great Miracle …

This is no small thing and a great miracle if we are prepared!

The *unusual happenings, chaos and speeding up of time* all around us, are crucial clues to this upcoming event. Everyone is experiencing it in some way …

Accelerated Pressure …

I’m sure you have felt the pressure of the *speeding up of time* and the struggle to fit life into this accelerated framework. While time seems to go faster, the amount of responsibility and focus it takes to carry out your normal daily life, has not made the shift. Confusion, misunderstandings, inability to communicate, fear, anger, lack of joy and energy are a few of the symptoms people are having.

Hence the need to prepare for *Warp Speed* …

What in the world does this mean?

I am referring to humanity being able to transcend the standard, linear time – space, limitations. The activating of this skill has significance to just how smoothly life will go. Your ability to wake up to the *New Earth* requires this!

Prepare for Warp Speed now and you will be able to transition easily when the time is at hand. If we are not prepared … well … we will be missing the boat!

Winter Solstice …

The Winter Solstice is the perfect time to begin this preparation. It is a time of delving deeply into your soul purpose and rising toward the light of your promise and ability.

The increase of consciousness bombarding the earth has not been easy and has translated into a fair amount of chaos. Humans have not been able to adjust readily. The human brain, emotions and physical body have been struggling with an attempt to keep up.   

The changes in the electromagnetic fields and basic requirements for surviving on the planet, have lead to a great deal of illness, drama and down right crazyness.

Singing Bowl Blessing …

While all of this is true for many … the time of opportunity is also ripe. The annual Singing Bowl Winter Solstice Blessing, has been paving the way for this human transition for 9 years. Please take advantage of this huge opportunity and jump on the band wagon now.

Your invited to join the 9th annual Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Blessing.

It is really very simple and it is *your birth right* to reclaim the ancient wisdom that the Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Blessing activates in you.

Joyous Transition …

The steps of Human Evolution seem to be progressing like this:

Increase of Consciousness … Chaos … Time Compression … Collapsing of Time Frames … Unity Consciousness … Warp Speed … No Time … Reality Shift … Instant Manifestation & Human Enlightenment … Ascension!

This does not appear to be a voluntary thing. We all must do this or remain in struggle, pain and illusion. Let the Winter Solstice Singing Bowl Blessing 2014 assist you!

Never Fear …

We must keep in mind that this is the great seasonal time of miracles! A little bit of faith and skill development, right now, can make a world of difference in your life. The *Time is Right* while there is still time to be had!

Discover your path of Divine Evolution and live your joy now! Shall we say … Time is running out!

Much Love,


P.S. – Space is limited … the 9th Annual Blessing begins on the Winter Solstice … Contact Me today to join. Click Here for Q&A.


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Singing Bowls Master Teacher and internationally known Practitioner and Distance Sound Healer. Founder of the Singing Bowl Institute, creator of the Singing Bowl Blessing and the Blessing Bowls – busy in service to everyone who is called. Angela has a love for bringing the experience of sound, vibration and harmony to the planet. She is an adventurer with a kin ship to the natural energies of the place she lands. Angela dreams life to be full of magic and wonder!
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