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Singing Bowls

The highest quality Singing Bowls for personal and professional use. Singing Bowl Shaman is the only place you will find Singing Bowls that are specifically calibrated for purity, vibration, sound and healing capabilities. Find the perfect … effective, powerful, and beautiful chakra tuned sets or individual Singing Bowls.

Easy to play and undeniably captivating our Singing Bowls are the best available. They call forth ancient sound healing wisdom and generate advanced healing energy to create dynamic results.

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Crystal Singing Pyramids

Our incredible Crystal Singing Pyramids are top quality and offered in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 26 inches. Call forth the proven power of the sacred geometric Pyramid energy as it is combined with the crystal healing power of quartz crystal.

The Crystal Singing Pyramid is an amazingly powerful sound, vibration and multi-dimensional healing tool. Crystal Singing Pyramids are visually stunning and make beautiful music. They are easy to play by simply tapping the rim creating radiant tones that range from very high and light to deep and penetrating.

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