PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramids

Various Sizes from 3 inch to 24 inch

Singing Bowl Shaman's PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid(s)

Singing Bowl Shaman’s PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramids combine ancient rejuvenating power of the pyramids, sacred geometry and proven healing advances of quartz crystal. The finest quality, our Crystal Singing Pyramids heal, restore, balance, clear and generate energy and they range in size from 3-24 inches. The smaller Crystal Singing Pyramids have a light tone while the larger Crystal Singing Pyramids have a deeper tone.

Our PREMIUM Singing Crystal Pyramids are the best available and they are very easy to play, as you simply tap the side of the Crystal Singing Pyramids to get them to resonate out their song.

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    Crystal Singing Pyramid Healing Energy

    The Crystal Singing Pyramid has tremendous Healing Energy and Power. The Crystal Singing Pyramids are a combination of the magnified healing energy of quartz crystal and the sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid. Beautiful to look at, the Crystal Singing Pyramid also makes powerful healing music … hence, the Crystal Singing Pyramid.

    Healing with the Crystal Singing Pyramids

    The Crystal Singing Pyramid has powerful healing energy and capabilities. Mystical and magical the Crystal Singing Pyramid can be used in Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, Vibrational Medicine, Energy Healing, Frequency Healing, DNA Activations, Initiations and as an enhancing healing force to any healing technique or modality. You can use Crystal Singing Pyramids with Reiki, Chiropractic, Massage, Healing Touch, Music Therapy, Yoga, to name just a few.

    Crystal Singing Pyramid Quartz Crystal

    The quartz crystalline properties of the Crystal Singing Pyramid works at a cellular level to restructure matter. Crystal has been said to literally change the form or function of the human body and energy field. This in part makes the Crystal Singing Pyramids such powerful healing tools. The musical and consciousness altering qualities of the Crystal Singing Pyramids make them perfect for meditation, toning, chanting, singing and even setting a mood for group gatherings. Making the Crystal Singing Pyramid sing is wonderful for assisting in reaching higher levels of awareness or altered states. This wonderful Crystal Singing Pyramid quality makes the music and frequencies created by the Crystal Singing Pyramid especially helpful in Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Kabalist Healing, Visuilization, Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Distance Healing, etc. You will feel revitalized, with sense-perceptions sharpened, after spending time within a Crystal Singing Pyramid. Some people  experience an internal tingling, and sometimes a “distant ringing” sound, as the Crystal Singing Pyramid shape focuses and resonates beneficial sound vibrations to you. Dr. Amr Goneid … “There is some force which defies the laws of science at work in the pyramid.” Power of Crystal Pyramids Where does the amazing power of the Crystal Singing Pyramid come from? The answer to that is multifaceted and rich in history and science. The answer also varies depending on the tradition or experience behind the answer. Lets start with the widely known power of the pyramids.

    Crystal Singing Pyramid Shape

    The Crystal Singing Pyramids shape traditionally has been said to have many healing powers. Experiments have shown that the pyramids shape, that is used in the Crystal Singing Pyramid, has been shown to contain the sacred geometry that radiates healing energy. This shape also posses mysterious qualities of rejuvenation, for example … making water cleaner and taste better, food stays three times fresher, makes people healthier and live longer. Studies prove and experience has shown that the pyramid shape used in the Crystal Singing Pyramids can add longevity, create cellular restoration, give energy, bring relief from ailments, stimulate overall revitalization, sharpen senses, heal wounds faster. The Crystal Singing Pyramid holds off outside harmful energy such as radiation and gravity. Destructive energies are deflected and positive energy is enhanced by the Crystal Singing Pyramids. The impact of geometrical shapes on human energy has always been universally recognized. The sacred geometry of the Crystal Singing Pyramid shape is in direct harmony with the language of nature and is known to be sacred. PHI or the Golden Section, which was studied by Leonardo Da Vinci is an unending ration in nature as well as the human body. The sacred geometry of the Great Pyramids also follows this ratio!

    Crystal Singing Pyramids and the Great Pyramid of Egypt

    The Great Pyramids have been known as a mysterious places of initiation, time travel, spiritual awakening and physical rejuvenation … even anti-aging. The gift of Pyramid Power offers a true initiation into your higher consciousness. The pyramids represent the journey back to the universal source and serves as a symbol of humanities inner quest … the return to the divine. Crystal Singing Pyramid energy provides the electromagnetic foundation to link heaven and earth, here and now in your life.

    Crystal Singing Pyramid Healing

    Crystal Singing Pyramids are beautiful sacred sound instruments. The Crystal Singing Pyramids are built to match the exact geometric mastery of the Great Pyramids. They have very special healing abilities. One of the best things about the Crystal Singing Pyramid is that all you need to do is tap it to play it. There is no special training, special methods or techniques for using them. Just tap, listen and feel. With some the Crystal Singing Pyramid, 5 inch and up, you can actually create two different tones, one when tapping the base and a different tone when tapping the sides. The tones can last up to a minute or more.

    Crystal Healing with Crystal Singing Pyramids

    Crystal healing and the magnification of crystal is an important part of the Crystal Singing Pyramid power. Your physical body is made up mostly of water and crystal closely matches your very structure making it easy to deliver healing energy to you. The Crystal Singing Pyramid will create a portal that will be opened allowing healing energies of the mysterious Great Pyramids to be made available to you. While you may not be visiting the pyramids of Egypt physically, you will be fully accessing their power on many levels of consciousness providing literal access to the pyramid temples.

    Crystal Singing Pyramid Sound and Frequency

    The amazing sound and frequency of the Crystal Singing Pyramid literally changes your electromagnetic field to match your divine origin. This electrical shift changes matter which means it changes your physical body and material life. The sound, vibration, frequency and sacred geometry of the beautiful Crystal Singing Pyramid provide tremendous mind, body, spirit healing. Discover the Crystal Singing Pyramid power today!

Here’s what your Singing Bowl Chakra Set also includes:




PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid Calibrations & Accessories that include accurate Crystal Singing Pyramid Healing Calibrations, Leather Hanging Strap and Premium Crystal Singing Pyramid Playing Wand.


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 3" PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

3″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $620.00 – NOW: $299.98



5" PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

5″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $800.00 – NOW: $380.98




6″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

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7″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

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7.5″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

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8″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

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9″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $1,250.00 – NOW: $559.98




10″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $1,320.00 – NOW: $589.98




11″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $1,355.00 – NOW: $609.98




11″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid* (thicker)

Price: $1,450.00 – NOW: $699.98




12″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $1,450.00 – NOW: $699.98




12″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid* (thicker)

Price: $1,610.00 – NOW: $799.98




14.5″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $1,875.00 – NOW: $899.98




17.5″ PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid

Price: $2,270.00 – NOW: $1,099.98




17.5 PREMIUM Crystal Singing Pyramid* (thicker)

Price: $2,470.00 – NOW: $1,199.98



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