“I have known Angela for several years now and have participated in Singing Bowl therapy Sessions in person and remotely. She is a very authentic person. She has inspired talent that surpasses anyone that I have met who does healing energy work. You can only truly know the gifts she brings by experiencing it in person.
When I first met Angela, I had no idea what to expect. I came to trust her talent and gifts due to the safety that she provides and the loving compassion that she has for those she meets. No hype. I have never given a testimonial before because I haven’t found anyone before Angela that warrants this kind of testimonial. Her gifts and talents are real. If you don’t want to receive services from Angela, that is fine, but if you do you won’t be disappointed.”
– Mary K., Springfield, IL
“Hi Angela, Sent out first email before Day 2 arrived. Sitting here with goosebumps! Am so grateful to you for helping me understand this whole awakening process. I am so blessed and happy to be working with you. You always seem to know what’s happening long before I do. Thank you for doing what you do so amazingly well!!! Blessings.”
– Lorna H., Buffalo, MN
“Angela you amazed me with how well you put together the insight and information you have. Every class I have taken from you accelerates me to a whole new level in my personal development.”
– Renee H., Asheville, NC
“I have been so honored to have done many years of Blessings now. It has been a remarkable process that has accelerated me forward on my Path very gracefully! Angela easily steers us all through the energies present and the challenges we have set in our Creation Statements giving us Divinely inspired information that has been extremely helpful! I can’t imagine my life without these awesome adventures! It takes me to a space above some of the chaotic energies that many are feeling worldwide. I thank you so much!”
– Singing Bowl Blessing Member, Denver, CO
“The Singing Bowl Blessing has been the best thing I could have done for myself. It hasn’t always been easy, but in the big picture it would have taken me life times to accomplish what the Blessing has helped me accomplish in 4 weeks. My relationship, job and overall spiritual growth has taken off!”
– Singing Bowl Blessing Member, West Palm Beach, FL
“Working with Angela and the Blessing Bowls has been an amazing process and gift. It has helped clarify and accelerate my pathway. The more I play my Blessing Bowls the more ways I learn and grow with them. I highly recommend this work to all who are committed to their growth.”
     – Gael H., Golden, CO
“I’ve done Singing Bowl Sessions with Angela for about two years.  From day one I noticed subtle muscles release shortly after the Session.  On occasion I have experienced dramatic responses.  Always Angela is very respectful, supportive and non-judgmental. Over time I’ve come to respect her keen ability to read the energies during a Session whereby she was able to share with me things about myself that she could not have otherwise known.  It’s been a source of great personal insight for me and I am grateful.  Thanks, Angela.”
– Distance Session Client, Springfield, IL
“For anyone considering participation in an upcoming ‘Singing Bowl Blessing’ I urge you to consider your ‘Blessing’ thoughtfully, prayerfully, because you will be heard. Blessings to you!”
     – Carol T., Hesperus, CO
“My Blessing Bowl is changing my life … and I am praying that I ‘stay out of the way’, so to speak, and ‘hang on for the ride’. I am guided to write to you tonight. The Blessing Bowl (Summer Solstice) occupies a place of honor in the center of our dining room table, (doubles as my healing room). My life is zooming at a fast pace, many, many, many, changes …”
     – Cynthia, Portland, ME
“My Singing Bowl Blessing is taking hold in me and a softening has occurred around receiving … no longer a driveness, rather a delight and a knowingness that all that is rightfully mine to attract is on its way to me … i.e., my Man … Divine Partner in human form … clients, people registering for my workshops, people coming to me as a wedding officiant, a new corporate client … it’s all on its way … I have so much more faith and self-love than before and I know I am being taken care of …”
– Shakti, Durango, CO
“I have had the best summer I’ve had in a long time. I am blessed in so many ways. Thank you for being a part of that …”
– Elizabeth C., Stamford, CT